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July 2013.   There are volunteers in all the primary schools who have continued to care for the apple trees in their care.  Trinity's grounds have been enhanced but only a small number of pupils are really aware of the orchard as unlike the other schools in the North West it has not been part of the curriculum.  The primary schools however are excited about their trees and have an abundance of all sorts of fruit thanks to donations from Trinity.

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The school will be looking for your support in collecting your reason for eating local fruit. To pledge your support for this school go to

If you'd like to get involved with the school project, please contact us.

October/November 2011 - The children from the original group plus a few more (10) planted the gifted trees in pots 13 of the grafted trees have survived.

Children approx 30 mainly from year 7 learn to learn group have been visiting feeder primaries (9 schools) involved in a wider horticultural project. The whole of year 7 have been involved in Learn to Learn project which is using the orchards as a real life example to do plans, costing and logistics. Approximately 90 pupils

Year 5/6 pupils from the feeder schools came to do food technology involving apples at Trinity. Approximately 60.

March 2011 - 17 pupils took part in the grafting work, gaining a detailed understanding and practical experience of the process of grafting apple trees.

Pupils included volunteers from across the school including a 6th former who has been co-ordinating the project along with several members of the Eco-group. 

Pupils grafted their own trees and the ability of pupils to effectively graft the trees did vary.

Pupils are now responsible for the on-going care of the trees while in pots, particularly watering.


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The Great Fruit Free-for-all

Current target: 100kg

Trinity grafting workshop

Trinity grafting workshop

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