We are a national network of over fifty schools that came together in 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, to share in a common, fruit-full endeavour.

Together we’ll be helping to reverse the dramatic decline of traditional orchards: a habitat identified for urgent attention in the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan.

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Fruit-full Schools allows us, the new generation, to take positive action towards the creation of a sustainable future. A future in which we can pick fresh, organic fruit from just round the corner instead of it being flown from the other side of the world. We’ll be doing our bit to increase biodiversity by planting trees and attracting wildlife, so not only will our schools become more productive, they will also be more beautiful and inspiring places for us to learn and grow.

With the support of a national network of Fruit-full School coordinators, we’ll be exploring ways to ensure that our orchards are valued and well used by teachers, pupils and our local communities. It won’t just be the technicalities of grafting we’ll be learning about; we’ll be finding out about our rich fruit culture, history and traditions and reviving the colourful (and sometimes a little crazy!) customs that make up our fruit-growing heritage.

Along the way, we are aiming to encourage as many other schools as possible to follow our lead and get Fruit-full with us. As our projects progress, we’ll be sharing our experiences and resources here on this site. We hope they inspire you to get involved.

The Great Fruit Free-for-all

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Ribston Pippin

Did you know? There are at least 7,500 varieties of apples.

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